Saving CogentHedge

Update: Keeping the Doors Open

We have been pleasantly surprised at the number and tenor of responses from fund managers, investors, financial service providers and financial media operations to our announcement of the intended closure of CogentHedge. They want our free research resource to remain active, and so we are investigating mechanisms to allow for the continuation of the platform.

Why is CogentHedge announcing its closure?
Simply put, we can't afford to continue maintaining the business in the manner we have. The CogentHedge application and website are internally funded. The ongoing operating expense is substantial and, at this point, we do not have the luxury to maintain it by ourselves while researching/sourcing new revenue streams.

What are our options?
From a practical point of view, the optimal solution for all parties would be for CogentHedge to partner with several prime brokers and/or administrators serving the alternative investment community. We look forward to forging alliances with organizations to support their full stable of hedge fund clients. This would be a win/win outcome for the service provider, their fund clients, and the CogentHedge platform, and would allow us to continue to operate and thrive as an investment community resource. We are confident that promotional activities in support of participating service providers to the hedge fund industry would in no way compromise the unbiased nature of the analytical services we provide our users.

If this is the sort of application that would benefit your organization, please by all means let us know.

We look forward to hearing from any interested parties.

David Slavin
Senior Managing Member
Cogent Investment Research LLC
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